How to play?

Addicted to flash games? Well, the Happy Wheels 5 is another amazing flash game to keep you hooked for hours. Wondering how to play the game? Well, this how to play instructions will help you enjoy the game.

The game entirely depends on the primary control keys. These mainly include the four arrows, the space bar, shift bar, control key and the letter Z. The space bar is for special ability, the left key is to lean backwards or left, right key is lean right or go over, up key is to move ahead and down is to move backwards. Similarly, the shift and control keys are to move the legs and arms.

The second important step in order to play the game is choosing the levels. There are various options to choose from. To start the game, simply press the up arrow to make your character move. When your character comes across an obstacle, press the space bar. Just be aware of the traps, the holes and the creatures. Even a small part or a drop of blood lost will take you again to the starting level. If you want to move ahead the steeper pass, you need to press the space bar and try reaching it again.

The final step is finishing the game. You need to overcome obstacles like gravity wells, giant spiders, spikes, landmines and wrecking balls.